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[one liner #1] [February 19, 2008]
[ mood | ' ]

Look at my new icon. It makes me laugh every fucking time. That's all.

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025 --> Sar's running out of these headers. [February 15, 2008]
[ mood | tired ]

*flails* I have nothing to say. D: I need to post all over the place at FFH, but I probably won't because I'm really freaking lazy. Sigh.

I made icons. They're Outsiders icons. Big surprise. :3

Tuff enough. )

I'm mainly posting these for Soda. But if anybody else wants them, you're welcome to 'em.

That's all.

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[000] Friends Only [November 21, 2007]

Only the purest here may pass
He whose heart is pure as glass
He whose soul is pure as fire
Through this portal passes higher
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